Flash Friday

This week’s 100 words (ish) is also snippet of a larger piece, like a second slice of literary cake. One per week, we should probably get used to that. Anyway, enjoy.

TRIGGER WARNING: Implied violence and poor dental hygiene.

“Keep in t’hold,” the captain ordered, pouring his payment into his pocket. A smile split his rawhide face and a scar followed the curve of his left forearm. Four crewman on deck grinned with tombstone teeth or whistled a seafarer tune. Their bond was one of men who raped, stole, and murdered together and lived to sing over it in a tavern. There could be no men more predictable than these. “There, y’ll be outta the way.”

“Aye,” Raie answered, meeting his eye. A wolf, you could look away from, surrender to, and he’d leave you be. Let these men see you weak and they’d never back down.

[Copyrighted © May 22 2015, J.M. Blute]

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