Flash Friday

“39,691 operations performed, Lee,” she said, trailing fingers through her hair. Numbers flashed across the screens and her glasses as Charmaine smiled, leaning forward on her creaky stool. “Now we’re configuring,” she chirped and her hands went to the keys.

“Still not Lee,” Kyran answered. She had one chair in her “workspace”, which was only a cramped cove she carved out for herself in the warehouse. Why she picked the most difficult place to set up computers, no one wanted to know.

She only laughed as he conducted coins through the air, using kinetic spells to line them up and form a small dragon. He had to splinter some coins for the finer details likes horns and eyes, but he had hours before Charmaine remembered he was there. And not as Lee.
[Copyrighted © June 12 2015, J.M. Blute]

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