Flash Friday

In honor of marriage equality being legalized nationwide, today’s flash fiction will be from one of my homosexual characters. I promise he’s usually happier than this.
“How long has it been now,” she asked, forcing sweetness. “Three years, I think.” They stood together in the kitchen, but who knew why. The two of them were just in the way of the personal chef. “What’s kept you, dear?”

She smiled, manicured nails lacing between another in front of her silk floral blouse. Marilyn had to be in her early to mid 50s, but she’d only refined her skill of how to look whatever part she needed. Today she was Mom, a loose curl hanging out of her bun and elegant flats on her feet.

Connor swallowed anger, bile, and more of the same. People had said to him that regret was a prickling in their eyes, but with Connor it was like rats chewing through sinew & bone in his chest. “Nothing really.”

“Well, I doubt that, darling. But I’m sure we’ll find out in time. Come along,” she said, putting a hand on his shoulder and another toward the dining room. “Everyone is waiting.”
[Copyrighted © June 26 2015, J.M. Blute]

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