Surprise Sunday (x2)

The internet only works when I don’t need it. Such is the way.


Arman had always been early to rise. Even if the morning’s crisp air hadn’t crept into his room, he would wake with the sun. As servants came to him, helping prepare him for the day, guards switched posts in the watchtowers and the kitchen clattered with life as the first meal came together. This had become the normal morning. The men silently went about attaching his armor, both sophisticated and durable, as Arman’s thoughts carried him to distant days.

Or not so distant, as the rebellion outside the castle walls threatened. At this stage, all anyone could think of was the day ahead. He could recall a time when disasters were conceived of as weeks or even months out. How it had been reduced to days, that was the mystery.

“Anything else, milord?” He glanced down at the servant, already certain of his answer. “That shall do for the moment.” With two courteous bows, they left to tend to their responsibilities and he left to his. He would hope that the king would be in the throne room with his advisers, but the odds of that were far less than him being in one of the libraries. For a boy of such ignorance, he certainly enjoyed his readings.
[Copyrighted © August 29 2015, J.M. Blute]

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