Surprise Saturday

These are getting less surprising as we go.
Her mother always said to be careful in parking garages. Alex whistled as she passed 2B, 2C, and 3A to her van wedged in section 3B. Luckily this client paid well for deliveries or she wouldn’t deal with this mess.
The van’s lights flashed when she unlocked it, and that’s when she heard him. On the opposite side of the van, he almost fell over getting up, but Alex was already there. A hospital band on his left wrist, his hood pulled over white hair, and a hunch like he could make himself smaller. Alex shook her head.
“You lost, kid?” It was a mall parking garage at 5:00 a.m., and this kid looked fresh from rehab. She’d made worse mistakes and gotten out fine.
“No,” he rasped, breathing shakily. “I’m where I need to be.”
“That right?” She stepped forward and he tensed, but not in fear. She finally his eyes, red irises looking out at her. No drug did that, or at least none she knew.
“You need a place to go, kid, I know ’em all. Name what you need and I’ll take you there.” She nodded to the van. “First ride’s free.”
[Copyrighted © November 7, 2015, Jam Blute]

Slug Sunday

This week’s belated post is brought to you by my over-excitement during my first Halloween handing out candy.
Commuters boarded and left as she sat there, reading and doing puzzles in last week’s paper. An earthquake across the sea kills two hundred people. Four businesspeople sit and talk into cell phones, never once seeing where they are before they’re off again. The economy is improving, studies say. A college couple makes out on the other end of the car, finally stumbling out on the stop for the orange line. The sun goes down and neon signs turn on. Another row filled in Sudoku, and twelve down is ‘era’. These were Dana’s connections to the world. By choice.
[Copyrighted © November 1, 2015, Jam Blute]