There’s Still Time

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September 1958.

The lab had been falling to Ryan’s men as Tenenbaum saved a handful of the children. So few of those she’d brutalized in her experiments, but there was still time for the others…

These little ones followed her, all eyes on her back. Water dripped around them as they left the crawl space leading into the sewers of Olympus Heights, the city rumbling distantly with the barely contained war between Ryan and Fontaine.

“Miss Tenenbaum,” the first girl said, a whine to her voice. “Where are we going?”

“Home, child,” she answered, opening the doorway she’d designed for their hideout. Shame she had to kill the man who put it in, but… No one could know of this place if they were to be safe.

A smaller door for the girls to crawl through rested in the bottom of the larger door, a source of comfort for the children. It was like the flower chutes, and once inside… She could administer the plasmid to them to free them from what she’d done.


“Go now, quickly, child.” That lifeless look and smile, and she nodded, dropping to her hands and knees to shuffle through the small opening. The other girls went to follow until from the other side came a scream. “Little one!”

She entered the code to open the large door, running in with pistol drawn to see two people, a man and woman, standing among the beds and toys.


Art by casino-toast.

What do you want to do, Tenenbaum?

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