Who Are You

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Art by Astor Alexander.

Aiming at the woman standing closest, Tenenbaum cocked the hammer of her pistol. “Who are you, why are you here?!” The little girl rushed to her side, her small fingers burying in the folds of Tenenbaum’s dress.

“Off to a fine start, Elizabeth,” the man grumbled, his voice as handsome as he was, a warm, gravelly tone to it. It nearly reminded her of Fontaine’s, but crisper. She narrowed her eyes. These girls needed her, she could not get distracted.

“Oh, enough, Booker.” The other woman turned her back on Tenenbaum for a moment to scold him, either a sign of trust or innocence. She sighed as she looked back to Tenenbaum, stepping forward. Her face softened, a gentle smile coming to her face and lighting up in her pale blue eyes.

“We’re here to help, Dr. Tenenbaum,” she began, folding her arms casually in front of her. “I’m Elizabeth, and he is–“

“Booker, yes. Why are you here,” Tenenbaum snapped, hearing the other Little Sisters as they shuffled in to hide behind her. Better here than alone, but still…

“We know about the Little Sisters, and how you want to save them.” She took another few steps forward, pausing a few long strides away. “And we want to help, but there’s a little boy that needs us too. I think you know him?”

“Verdammt!” Ryan or Fontaine sent them, Suchong would not have bothered. But this place, it was secure, she’d made sure of it. It was near the sewers, no one cared to look closer. Regardless, Tenenbaum could not risk it. She shifted her aim to Booker, who raised his own weapon too late to stop her firing.

The two screamed, a few of the Little Sisters shouting to kill him. He stood, Tenenbaum in his sights, the woman took cover, and yet… He did not shoot back. Blood stained his sleeve, but not much. She’d only grazed him, it seemed, so why not return fire?

Following his gaze, Tenenbaum looked to the little one beside her… “Ah, you cannot be with Ryan or Fontaine. You are too soft.” She lowered her gun, and he did the same, his expression contorted in confusion or pain. Perhaps with both. She chuckled, patting the girl’s head. “It’s alright, little ones, come out.”

Elizabeth also stood, smoothing her hair. “Dr. Tenenbaum… You’re clearly willing to go to great lengths for the safety of these little girls.” She spoke between breaths, surprised but not afraid. “Doesn’t Jack deserve the same thing? We need your help, and we’re willing to help you in return. Please.”

– – –

What do you want to do, Tenenbaum?

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– – –

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