BioQuest: Trust Me

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The crossbow sat with her in the Bathysphere, an ornamental security blanket for all she could do with it… But it was hardly a loss. He thought she was meek and she knew his type. All Elizabeth had to do was play her cards right.

“You honor me, Mr. Cohen. I would gladly sing for you.”

Her tone was lost in his elated chuckling while the lights of Fort Frolic filled the sphere and it settled into place. The sound of rushing water surrounded her as it was forced away from the seal. Whoever engineered this place was certainly ahead of their time… But there would be time to marvel at it later.

This man has the ability to remotely access the transportation in Rapture, and he stood a good chance of knowing who had Booker.

Or if not, knowing someone who did. She stood as music played and the door opened to a broad, sweeping staircase.

“Yes, yes! I knew, simply knew, you would be perfect! Take the radio, little songbird,” he half sang to her. Without a second thought, she stood and ignored her crossbow for the radio. It was heavier than it seemed at first… But manageable.

More lights snapped on ahead of her and she took her first steps out from the Bathysphere. She could barely hear the man around the orchestral music swelling to fill the ocean around them.

“Open yourself to the music, taste it, no, nono, no, let it live through you! Be the conduit—”

Her breath caught for a moment; she saw two men at the bottom of the stairs and one she knew at any distance. “Booker!”

“You ready to trust me now, Sullivan? That lunatic has turned on your boss,” he explained, turning to the stout, weathered man at his side.

“Damn. Lunatic or not, he’s one o’ Ryan’s. You gotta keep your mouth shut if you want me to keep my end of the deal.”

She could hear Cohen cursing on radio, but he was even less audible to her now. Or was his voice actually moving away from the radio on his end…?

Sullivan thumbed at her, keeping his gaze locked on Booker. “Get your girl and get gone.”

Booker nodded, finally facing her. He bore a few bandages she didn’t remember. Two on his leg and one on the arm opposite from the one Tenenbaum shot… But he was here and offering his hand to her. “Elizabeth?”

– – –

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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– – –

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