Interviewing Templar Angelo

1.) What motivated you to become a Templar Knight?

Have you seen this uniform? Rather, you must see specifically me in it.


And besides, once I was no longer a child in the care of the abbey, where was I to go? It’s my home and so I defend it. Almost reliably.

If you wish to know more… Well, perhaps you ought to meet me for dinner to discuss it. :rose:

2.) Have you ever been in love?

Haven’t you? Love holds many forms. Fiery women, family, an easy mark… The Goddess gives us much to love in life, heh.


3.) Did being left-handed ever cause a problem for you at the abbey?

Among the excessive gambling and shirking my responsibilities, why, they must’ve overlooked that. One should count one’s blessings, although I do lose count on occasion.


4.) Do you think you’ll ever slow down?

You know… I hadn’t considered that! Someday, I suppose I will. Doesn’t it seem far more likely that my poor habits will catch up to me first? We shall have to wait and see.

This was originally posted as a response to prompt on Square Enix Amino.

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