BioQuest: Lost

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Tenenbaum scoffed when Elizabeth answered honestly… She did hear plenty of death threats towards Booker in Columbia. Even Slate did it once in a while. “Why am I not surprised?”

“But I can do better than killing him,” Elizabeth teased, approaching with a swish of her skirt. “I’ve traveled with Booker for a long time and well,” she hesitated and laughed nervously. “I am his daughter. I know him better than anyone.”

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All these families losing their little girls to Ryan, and here she was… Planning a search for her missing father. And of course he didn’t go off alone this time.

Nodding, Tenenbaum placed her pistol on her faded, slightly warped desk. Little burn marks spotted it from ashes she forgot to tap into the tray… Or Elizabeth hoped that was the case. “Unfortunately for you, this is true. What is your idea?”

“We can be sure Booker is behind this escapade. I’m best suited to find him and Jack, so you’ll stay here to keep an eye on the girls,” Elizabeth outlined the plan and Tenenbaum dropped into the chair at her desk.

“Good luck.” That was oddly easy for convincing Tenenbaum… And as close to agreement as Elizabeth was going to get. They had a head start on her, after all.

“And you be safe,” Elizabeth answered. She trotted to the door, the little girls talking to each other about her departure. The words passed by her as she picked up the crossbow right from where she left it after her last search.

She hadn’t touched a weapon in months, but… Elizabeth pushed the labs from her mind and took firm strides out of the Sanctuary.

Following the winding tunnels out, she found herself near Artemis Suites in Apollo Square. She took a moment to brush the tunnel’s dirt off her shoes. It wouldn’t be any good to be seen with obvious evidence of trespassing on her person.

As for Apollo Square, it had seen better times even for Rapture’s young history. Her steps resonated down the broad hall with no one else in sight or earshot. Elizabeth tsked and repositioned the bow. Between Ryan’s regular arrears and searches, this place was emptier than ever.

Then the dark teal and gold sign posted beside a nearby doorway reminded her of the day. Rather, of the holiday. “New Year’s Eve,” she muttered. “Would they be so foolish?”

She sighed, conflicted. If she was Booker with Jack at his side, where would she go?

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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