BioQuest: Be Here

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Diane offered her hand to Elizabeth, smiling even as her eyes hung heavy. There was nothing to fear from Diane and Elizabeth knew how she’d feel about Ryan… and she smiled, taking the lone woman’s hand.

“Good evening, Diane,” she answered. “I’m Anna DeWitt.” With her free hand, Elizabeth pointed to the pair of men she spotted as perhaps being Jack and Booker. “And I have an idea for you… I know that man with the red tie is here alone too.”

Elizabeth led Diane by the hand and she followed, her eyes already brighter in curiosity. She weaved her way through the party crowd, realizing as she did that everyone here was drinking not to celebrate, but to relax. Or make an empty attempt at it.

One of Sullivan’s guards was posted in each of the corners for this room, their guns concealed only as ominous silhouettes. She wasn’t the only one who saw it. “Hello, gentlemen,” she chimed. “Could you spare a dance for two ladies this evening?”

“Well, I’ll be,” the man with the red tie said in a smooth southern accent, turning to look Diane over and grin. “If it ain’t the fine Miss McClintock! I would be honored to have you on my arm tonight, ma’am,” he offered and put his hand out for her.

The man in the white suit angled his head down, but he glanced at Elizabeth through his mask… Yet she knew. There was Jack.


“Mr. Sinclair?” Diane slipped her fingers out of Elizabeth’s, a smile coming to her voice. “My God, I had no idea you here! I…” She gulped, looking to Elizabeth and she gave her a small nod. Diane laughed and wrapped her arm around his. “I’d like that.”

Elizabeth watched them blend back into the crowd, waiting for them to get out of earshot. Once that was done, Elizabeth looked back at him and sighed.

“You look nice,” Jack admitted, meeting her gaze at last. “I thought you weren’t coming to the party.”

“I’m here for you and Booker.” Elizabeth watched the bubbles rising in the champagne in her glass… And put it on the table, sliding it away. One alcoholic DeWitt was enough. “Why are you here?”

“For you,” he responded, smiling. “Booker said you’d come looking, that you wouldn’t quit, and I should be here.”

He held his arm out and kept his gaze on hers. “He’s so proud of you, you know. So whatever happens, please don’t be upset with Booker. He went there for me. I asked.”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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