Found Poetry: Tenenbaum

Originally posted for the Mood Challenge in BioShock Amino.

One of my favorite forms of poetry to write in is found poetry, which is made by taking lines from another source and reframing them to give it enhanced or new meaning.

That said, here we go!


All I care about

I did not find


In the prison camp but

Kindred spirits


Never do I see the

Blueprints of sin


Only sixteen years old

When I realize

I have love

For science


The first home for Little Sisters will open

And the problem will be



All that killing

You think they could have been

Interested in something



They deliver

And they don’t ask questions


They call me

Das Wunderkind

The wonder child


What makes something like me?



I just know


These children I

brutalized have

Awoken something in me that

For most

Is beautiful and natural


But in me is an



My maternal instinct


How can a child

Know such a thing


I know why it has to be children


Why just girls?


I feel hatred

Like I never felt before

In my chest

Bitter, burning fury

I can barely breathe


They are still children

They play



Sometimes they

Look at me

And they don’t



Sometimes they smile


One of the children sat in my lap

I push her off

I shout

get away from me


Filthy hair hanging in her face

Dirty clothes


That dead glow in her eye



I know

It is not this child

I hate



If you are going to do such things

At least you should do them


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