BioQuest: Sanctuary

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Elizabeth held tightly to the strap on her shoulder, the bag of supplies that Jack and Booker would need… And her shoulders fell. Turning away from Diane and Steinman’s absent humming, she made her way to the exit and even passed the nurse-guard without trouble.

Somehow, even more people had arrived in the time she was gone and distant explosions still echoed through the walls. There wasn’t a corner or open area without weapons or someone huddling there…

Security bots chirped and whirred by as Elizabeth went back to the closet containing a disabled turret. Locking the door behind her, Elizabeth crouched at the tunnel’s opening and lowered the bag in first.

A voice on the intercom outside made an announcement while she climbed down herself. “Rapture Security is containing the parasites. Stay in your homes and take shelter. Rapture will rise.”

Elizabeth exhaled as she dropped, taking a moment to put a shipping pallet over the tunnel entrance. Everyone would want a secret shelter now and she couldn’t be too careful with theirs.

The tunnels were humid, cloaked in shadow, and each explosion rattled more dust from the roof and walls… Yet Elizabeth emerged safely, if a bit dirty, in the drainage of Olympus.

Here, it was quiet. Elizabeth felt that peace wash over her and welcomed the change. Water rushed down the large half pipe beside her and she pushed herself faster towards the door to the Sanctuary.

She barely had her hand raised to knock before Booker opened the door, looking her over. He was pale with a sheen of sweat still hanging on him and he let out an uneven breath. “I swear, Elizabeth… You look worse than I do.”

And he stepped aside, letting her in, up the stairs… Jack sat on a bed in the far corner, a guitar in his arms and a slow familiar tune barely audible while Tenenbaum watched the TV in her lab behind reinforced glass.

“But, uh… I’m… Glad you’re home safe.” He cleared his throat, waiting beside her in comfortable silence.

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