BioQuest: Improvisation

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“Thank you for offering, Jack,” she started and his eyes dimmed almost instantly. Elizabeth stepped towards him, suddenly aware of Booker watching them, and still putting her hand on his arm. “As much as I’d love to have you join me, they need your help here. Booker is hurt, he can’t look after Tenenbaum–”

“Like hell I can’t,” Booker cut her off, turning his bandaged hand over despite himself. “I stayed in one piece when I was drunk, I think I’ve got the maternal scientist.”

Jack shrugged, smiling weakly. He looked sincere if a bit embarrassed – perhaps a light blush? – but he wouldn’t meet her eye as he continued. “I’ve no doubt, Booker. But if Elizabeth wants to go alone, I won’t go with her.”

“I’m still grateful, I just–” Jack finally turned to her, something she didn’t quite recognize between them… Admiration, that had to be it. He rested his hand over hers.

“Be careful.” With that, he went to the beds to get a pillow and blanket that she presumed was for Tenenbaum.

Booker stared at her expectantly, eyebrows raised and arms crossed.

“Well, what is it, Booker?” She started towards the door and tried not to give herself away. After all, there were plenty reasons to be in a rush! The Lot dose was essential to freeing Jack completely and they only had so much time until security seized everything. Of course!

“Come on, Elizabeth,” he chastised her as she passed. “The boy likes you.”

“And Tenenbaum likes you.” He scoffed, she smiled. Not the best distraction, but it would do for now. “Behave yourself,” Elizabeth told him and left the Sanctuary closed behind her…

To take a few moments to herself in the tunnels. Just to gather her thoughts. A plan for the labs, that’s what she needed.

To get the formula or the dose, and how? Improvisation at least needed framework to work at its best, after all.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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