BioQuest: Ruin

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“Of course,” she answered without a moment’s pause. “I didn’t let Booker do it all, but I didn’t go alone. Neither will you.”

He smiled, bowing his head gratefully, and she reached into her hidden pocket for the formula– careful to make sure not to show him the picture on the other side. “First, you’ll want to take a look at this.”

Jack glanced to the yellowed back of the picture, taking it between two fingers and scanning the formula. “This is for–” He breathed a laugh, eyes brightening. “You found it. I’m… I just…”

“I’m always glad to help you.” For a moment, they were an island of peace among the falling city. Panic and sirens surrounded them and yet they felt no need to rush.

When they were ready, Jack led on and the hallways emptied as people fled from the prison zone. Security and rebels were out, mostly security escorting them to their cells, and a few Big Daddies stood watch. No Little Sisters in sight, unfortunately…

And then Elizabeth saw her. A woman with bandages around her head beneath an elegant simple hat, muttering to herself as she weakly shuffled along. “Jack, wait,” she whispered, putting a hand on his shoulder.

He followed her gaze, catching her voice but not what she said– or at least Elizabeth couldn’t hear her clearly. “Is that…?”

“Miss McClintock,” he confirmed. “We should see if she’s alright.” He started ahead at first, hesitating to look back at Elizabeth.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

– – –

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To see more content like this regularly, please support me on Patreon or leave me a tip on Ko-Fi.

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