BioQuest: Growth

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“Endlich,” Tenenbaum agreed, exasperated. “I will collect the girls for travel to the clinic. The older ones will help carry supplies with me.” She nodded to the girls in their preteen years and they smiled to varying degrees, just eager to help.

“And Booker, you talk to Sullivan about ammunition.” Tenenbaum had already begun, grouping like things together for the girls… Although they were packing blocks and bears with clothes and medicine. “We will need that, more than we can smuggle in or steal.”

“Yes ma’am,” he almost joked and they shared a smirk. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at them, but of course they pretended not to notice. Booker picked up a radio and his shotgun, heading out on his own in less than a minute. Some military habits never left, Elizabeth knew… Or at least tried to understand.

Tenenbaum crossed her arms and looked Diane over. Hopeful, naïve, ready to make a difference… And what was bad about that? They would have to keep an eye on her, that was the worst of it. “Diane, perhaps you would come with me and the girls? It’s too much to set up with just us.”

“Oh! Oh, I–” She looked at the girls, delighted already to meet someone new. “Well, of course I would.”

By the door, Elizabeth picked up a pistol from their weapons cache. She gathered spare ammunition for it as she spoke. “I’ll go ahead to the clinic, make sure it’s clear.”

“Jack,” Tenenbaum called. He turned to her, silent and waiting. “What’s that look? Go with Elizabeth,” she playfully lectured him, waving him towards the weapons cache. “Keep each other safe.”

“Right!” He shouted and the girls laughed at his excitement. “Right,” Jack corrected at a normal volume and picked up the other pistol.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth and Tenenbaum?

Because they are both present, you can choose how they react… BUT you must choose someone to go with as they will be separated.

– – –

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To see more content like this regularly, please support me on Patreon or leave me a tip on Ko-Fi.

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