BioQuest: Scouting

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Elizabeth loaded her gun beside Jack doing the same, unable to resist a smile. This was what Jack wanted, after all – to help them as one of them. To be alongside them like anyone else. She could relate to that… His excitement was contagious and soon, they were grinning at each other.

Although they didn’t say a word between them on their way up to the city itself, there was this energy– Elizabeth called it excitement and attributed it to Jack, but a part of her wasn’t convinced that was it. At least not in full.

“So,” Jack began, pausing to stare into the ocean depths outside as they made their way to Suchong’s old clinic. Their clinic now, she supposed. Fortunately for them, Rapture was more likely than ever to accept an exchange of ownership as gruesome as this. “Um, did you tie your shoes? Before we left?”

“I–” She looked down at the laced up ties on her shoes instinctively, and they were done up properly. “Yes, why?”

“Oh, because I wouldn’t want you falling for s… Something so small,” he finished and shrugged. Elizabeth let some time pass in silence in case there was more – it felt as though there should be – but nothing came.

And perhaps that was for the best. Sullivan’s men had moved on from that area and only turrets and cameras kept this place secure. They were here to secure the clinic for everyone, and it wouldn’t do for them to alert any splicers or Fontaine’s men on the way.

“Seems like the splicers have mostly cleared off,” Jack muttered, almost reading her mind.

“It does make one wonder… Where they are now.” They fell into silence again until they reached the battered, leaking foyer outside of the clinic. A Big Daddy worked on the fracture from the outside and a staunch, black woman waited on a bench between the hallways to the clinic.

A faded and tattered scarf that matched her hat hung loosely around her neck and shoulders, and if not for the wreckage, one could almost believe she was waiting for a good friend to meet her there.

“I don’t know her,” Jack shared, watchful and serious. “We should take the other hallway, it’s not much farther off.”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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