BioQuest: Escape

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“I’ll come back out later, see if she’s still there.” Elizabeth answered, keeping an eye on the woman as they took the far hallway away from her.

“I’ll be here,” the woman drawled, her voice like a worn bell. “There ain’t no escaping what I gotta say.”

Elizabeth watched Jack’s shoulders tense, but they pushed ahead to the clinic. Jack stood against the wall by the doorframe, pistol drawn, and nodded to Elizabeth. Whatever happened… he was ready. The moment she stepped forward, the door slid open and she spotted the camera broken on the floor.

“Aaah, long live Atlas!” A woman in a mask with a pipe raised rushed at her, and Jack came out, landing two shots– one in the chest, one in the head– and she fell.

Jack went in, leading with his pistol and stepping over the corpse.

“Jack, wait,” Elizabeth hissed only seconds before a turret opened fire to his left. She pulled a crate through a tear, narrowly blocking the bullets. She caught up with him as he launched lightning from his hand, shutting down the turret – for now.

Elizabeth rushed in and kept low to hack the turret back to their side. She felt the rush of wind first, then saw Jack landing on the other side on the turret.

“It’s him, it’s him,” a man shouted. “I’ll show you!” Jack rolled to the left and she barely heard the glass shatter before fire burst where he once stood.

“Got it,” she muttered and the turret chirped to life. It turned and opened fire on the splicer, groaning as he died.

Over that, she heard a voice on an audio log. The Little Sisters. “Papa Suchong, Papa Suchong, Papa Suchong!”

She’d filed enough of his logs know exactly what they were like and it’d stopped bothering her long ago. But to see Jack holding it, his back to her, facing the mangled corpse of Suchong…

“Get away, you filthy little shit!” The slap in the recording seemed loud, even several feet away. Elizabeth walked around the turret and stood next to Jack in the yellow-green light over the broken desk. Their shoulders only grazed one another, but it felt like enough.

The girl cried in the echoing tape, and a Big Daddy lumbered in with a telling groan.

“What?” Suchong pieced together what his fate would be then, but still he tried to change it. How had Elizabeth missed this tape, she wondered… And regretted it. “W-what are you doing? Get back! Get bac–” He screamed, cutting the recording off to a bloody end.

Jack set the recorder down, staring at the body on the desk. Abruptly, he took purposeful strides back the way they came.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

– – –

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