BioQuest: Prepare

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Trigger Warning: Gore

She folded the battered pamphlet gently, tucking it into her pocket to share with the others later. It was a given that Booker and Tenenbaum would think anything called “the Rapture Family” was a cult, and they could be right, but it was something they should all know about regardless.

Seems the family already knew about them, so they were at a disadvantage.

Elizabeth stood from the bench and rounded the corner towards the clinic. Jack wouldn’t be sitting idle, she reminded herself, and she was concerned after what he’d just heard.

Stepping through the front door, Elizabeth made a mental note to ask Booker for a new camera from Sullivan for the clinic.

“Jack?” She called out, hearing a scraping, cutting noise from the other room – Suchong’s old office. “Jack, are you…”

Elizabeth passed the turret and stopped, seeing Jack standing over most of the splicer’s corpse. She turned to the desk, and the only sign of Suchong was the dark stain that sunk into the wood. They would need to replace that… She heard the incinerator churning and looked back to Jack.

Blood stained his shirt, and he held a bone saw in one hand. “The girls, they shouldn’t see this.” He pointed to the body with the saw. “I mean, the ones still in recovery are staying behind with some of the older girls, I know, but I just figured I should clean this up.”


He paused, wiping his forehead with the back of his sleeves. “But they’re too big for the chute, so…” He lifted the saw to explain.

The splicer was missing both legs and half an arm, his vacant eyes rolled back as his head was angled to where she stood.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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