BioQuest: In the End

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Before she even finished thinking of what to do next, Elizabeth put her arms around Jack and pulled him close. It was as if he expected the hug with how quickly he took his hands from his pockets and hugged her back.

They sat like that as long as they needed to amidst the blood stains, churning furnace, and the watchful turret.

“It may not seem like it now,” she began, turning to rest her head on his shoulder more comfortably. “But everything will turn out alright in the end.”

Gradually, he relaxed– and still they stayed as they were.

“When Booker came from me, there was–” How could she explain this right? She wanted to comfort him, not confuse him. “–another man keeping me trapped. He claimed to be a prophet, and he had an entire city at his beck and call.”

Jack sat up, leaning out of the hug to look at her, listening. He was making the connections she’d been making this whole time– had Elizabeth ever told him the details of how she got out? Funny how she couldn’t remember now exactly what she’d said and what she hadn’t.

“He told everyone to beware the false shepherd, that he was there to lead me astray,” she explained, gesturing to himself. “And there were times that I ran from Booker, abandoned him.”

Jack canted his head, and only then did she realize they were holding hands now. Loosely, comfortably, but still.

“I… I didn’t know what I wanted to do. What to believe.” She glanced to the door, either wary or nervous about the subject at hand. Even she wasn’t entirely sure. “But in time, I found out. I made my own choice, and his prophecy was shown to be the delusion it always was.”

She offered her other hand, and he hesitated briefly before taking it too. “Whatever happens next, it’s up to you. Not him. Not me. No one in this city, in this world, can change that.”

“Oh, that was so beautiful,” Diane interrupted, her voice thick. “Don’t you think so, Miss Tenenbaum?”

“Doctor Tenenbaum,” she corrected and eyed the blood stained, broken desk skeptically. A handful of teenage girls followed her in, Sylvette notably smiling as she did. Elizabeth was pleased but surprised to see her– she had figured that she’d rather be watching the younger girls still recovering in Sanctuary than up here.

“Huh?” Jack took a moment to process their arrival, pulling his hands back and standing. “Oh, yes, right. I– welcome to the new place.”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth or Tenenbaum?

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