BioQuest: Not Promising

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Tenenbaum smirked, walking around Sylvette to lean against the broken desk. “Very well-spoken, Jack. I barely noticed you held hands with a pretty woman.”

Even in the low light, Elizabeth could tell he was blushing– it was a mercy that he also froze up, saying nothing and instead turning around to put the splicer’s torso in the incinerator. What a distraction that was.

“Well,” Diane spoke up, glancing from Tenenbaum to Jack’s back. “I think they’re just cute as can be.”

Elizabeth wasn’t sure if that helped Jack be less embarrassed, but it was sweet of Diane to try. She got to her feet, standing about in the middle between Tenenbaum and Diane. “Did you happen to see Booker on your way here?”

“Ja,” Tenenbaum answered, nodding and taking out a cigarette. “Did not look like Sullivan agreed.”

“Now, now, you can’t know that,” Diane countered, crossing her arms and being as hopeful as ever. “I think he was just upset, like Mr. DeWitt said.”

“Upset? How so?” Elizabeth pushed for more, eyeing Jack as he locked up the incinerator hatch. Safety first with him, as always.

“Um, well,” Diane started, hesitant and wilting. “There was some sort of fuss.”

“Shouting and swearing,” Tenenbaum clarified before lighting her cigarette. The girls were tidying up a little, already setting out the toys they couldn’t bear to part with. “Not promising.”

“He might need help.” Jack joined them, his blush gone at last. He wiped his hands off on his pants as he continued. “Where is he? I can go to him.”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth or Tenenbaum?

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You can direct both in this chapter since both are present, but keep in mind that we’ll stay in only one of their perspectives.

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