BioQuest: Alliance

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Elizabeth stepped forward into the lit area where they argued, and Sullivan reached for his firearm– but Booker put his hand out to stop him.

“She’s my daughter, Sullivan,” Booker explained, still eyeing the security chief skeptically. “You gonna shoot her?”

“No, Jesus Christ, I–” He grumbled, stepping back and holding his hands up for a few seconds to prove it. Or something along those lines, she assumed. “You’re not gonna change my mind, miss.”

“I think I am,” Elizabeth countered, smiling. “We both have something the other one wants.”

Booker stood to the side, folding his arms and watching. It’s amazing, how he accepted when she took charge in moments like these. Much better than he had been in Columbia and sometimes here too– but not as much.

“I’ve worked with Suchong, and I know plenty about what’s affecting these splicers,” she started, laying the bare groundwork for Sullivan to follow her train of thought. “I have a team ready to treat and cure them, so they can be proud citizens of Rapture again.”

Sullivan scoffed, but she pushed on. He couldn’t afford to assume she was lying, not with the city the way it was. Even if she was overselling them for the moment…

“But we can’t do that without protection. They’re violent until they’re done treatment.” She held out her hand, keeping her smile steady. “And yet even they deserve someone looking out for them. Don’t you agree, Mr. Sullivan?”

His jaw hung open, his brow furrowed, but Sullivan shook her hand. “You could talk a dog off a meat cart, I bet,” he mumbled. “But you got a deal. I’ll send extra weapons and ammo with any spare guards and captured splicers to your place. Suchong’s old clinic, yeah?”

“That’s the one,” Booker answered, badly hiding a faint smile in her direction.

“Thank you, Mr. Sullivan. This is an alliance we’ll all be proud of.”

With that, Sullivan just left with a half-wave over his shoulder. She was certain he had half the city at his heels to protect them, and that made what just happened an even more impressive feat. Elizabeth wasn’t even sure he’d agree.

“Hey,” Booker interrupted her, coming closer. “How did everything go? The clinic’s got to be secure if you’re here, but what about the others?”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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