BioQuest: Family

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Disregarding Ryan, Tenenbaum turned to Booker and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Report our new guest to our old friend.”

“On it,” Booker answered, pausing by Ryan. “Anything they say, you do it. Or I’ll be back out here to bend your knee the other way.” Tenenbaum chuckled as he punctuated the threat with two claps on Ryan’s back, heading into the back for the radio.

“I respect his enthusiasm,” Ryan commented, watching Tenenbaum as she came over to stand in front of him with her pistol drawn. “Not necessarily his methods.”

Elizabeth slipped out as he spoke, and she could only hope the young woman didn’t have any DeWitt-level ideas up her sleeve. Ryan only had two knees and he wasn’t getting any younger.

“Are you one to judge methods, Ryan?” Tenenbaum glared down at him, continuing. “We caught you hunting down your mistress for petty vengeance.”

“…Andrew?” Diane’s distinct accent cut through the soft chatter of the clinic and Tenenbaum found some satisfaction in Ryan’s shock.

“Diane?” He turned around, pushing himself to stand. Diane’s brow furrowed and her jaw locked.

Tenenbaum met Elizabeth’s gaze past the two of them and, well, she hoped that hopeful look on her face was well-placed. “Is this where you’ve been all this time? I, I was worried–”

“Don’t! Don’t you lie to me, Andrew.” The emotion of the moment was hitting her all at once, and she couldn’t even look Ryan in the eye as she shifted restlessly.

“You, you’ve had it made in the shade up in your hideaway, wearing snazzy suits…” Diane huffed and whirled around on Ryan and it occurred to Tenenbaum that she’d be a good mother one day. “The people of Rapture are suffering out here. The question isn’t where I was. Where were you?”

“Mr. Ryan?” Tenenbaum stood tall and wondered how Jack got in without anyone hearing or stopping him. He squared his shoulders, leveling a steady gaze at Andrew Ryan. “I’m Jack Jolene.”

What do you want to do, Tenenbaum?

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