BioQuest: Questions

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So they stood together in the low light outside the clinic, Ryan’s shouting seeming as faraway as the nations above– and Elizabeth leaned in, gently kissing Jack on the cheek.

When she opened her eyes and stepped back, he had a frozen smile and a light pink color to his face. And she held back a playful laugh for his sake. “You’re a good man, Jack. I hope you always remember that.”

“Th-thanks,” he answered, evidently finding his ability to form words again.


“Of course,” Elizabeth assured him. Maybe someday she’d find the words she needed too. “So!” She leaned against the wall, crossing her legs and smiling at him. Honestly, Elizabeth thought she’d be more self-conscious after that kiss. “Tell me your plan. I want to help.”

Jack smiled back, his expression softening. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He crossed his arms and began. “Ryan knows the truth about me now– or part of it. He won’t hurt us now.”

Elizabeth showed her skepticism with a raised eyebrow, although he continued.

“Hear me out. He’ll piece together that you all helped me escape Fontaine, who he thinks is dead.” Jack was back in his element, decisive and even energized. He looked to her with lit-up eyes as he went on. “He’ll trust us. Right now, Rapture is divided between Ryan, the Family, and Atlas.”

Gesturing to the clinic, Jack concluded, “We have a chance here to unite the Family, or at least some of them, and Ryan against Atlas. We can take back Rapture, make it a better place for everyone.”

Elizabeth wasn’t sure what to think of such a plan– it was risky, if doable, but he hardly gave her time to think before he suggested something else too.

“In the short term, I want to know if you’d like to date me.” He smiled, a little uncertain. “I like you, Elizabeth. And you seem to like me. But I’ll respect whatever you choose.”

Art by DokaChimera on dA

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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