BioQuest: Future

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He waited patiently for her answer, but first came a soft smile she couldn’t resist– this was right from the stories she’d read again and again in the tower. Maybe he wasn’t a knight and this wasn’t a paradise by any stretch, but… Her heart swelled with joy, her face was warm, and she nodded. “I’d love to, Jack.”

He smiled back and wrapped in her a gentle hug that she returned instinctively. Whatever happened in Rapture, Elizabeth could never regret the choice to date Jack. No matter what.


Booker cleared his throat behind them, smirking from the clinic doorway. “You’ve got a strange sense of timing. Sullivan will be here any minute.”

She turned around, breaking off the hug to hold Jack’s hand instead. “We’d better get inside, then.”

Jack squeezed her hand gently, his smile taking on a distantly sad air. “How’s Diane handling it? Ryan being here, I mean.”

Booker sighed and shrugged. “Not well. Better than Ryan, who’s trying to turn it all around on her as a traitor to him and Rapture.” He scoffed, shaking his head. “That’s when Tenenbaum and I had to drag her off him before she knocked his head off.”

Looking at Jack, searching, Booker ventured a question of his own. “How’s Jolene?”


“Rattled, but she’s alright. We’ll keep in touch,” Jack wrapped up quickly, stepping towards the clinic door with Elizabeth at his side. To his credit, Booker followed after them without prying… But Elizabeth could tell already that discussion wasn’t over.

What do you want to do, Elizabeth?

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