BioQuest: Crossroads

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The clinic had quieted down a bit since they left not long ago, but a thick tension took the place of stewing rage. Jack took his hand from hers as they stepped in, an act she attributed to Ryan more than anything.

Booker stood between the door and Ryan, and Tenenbaum put herself between their captive and the rest of the clinic. Elizabeth found herself going to check on Diane first while Jack went over to Tenenbaum.

“Diane, how—”


“A traitor, he called me,” she answered the question before Elizabeth could finish. “Me, after all he’s done!” She threw her arms up, crossing them right after and finally looking Elizabeth in the eye. “I just can’t believe it. Can’t believe him. The arrogance! How did I ever get fooled into loving such a– Ugh!”

To get her attention, Elizabeth put her hand on Diane’s shoulder and smiled. “Because you see the best in people, Diane, and you look past their flaws to see their potential.” Her anger softened to surprise, and at last, Diane smiled back. “It’s not your fault that he chose to be how he is now.”

“You’re sweet,” she answered, pulling her into a quick hug. “I only needed a second. Come on.” She stepped back and lead the way back to Ryan and the others.


Elizabeth ignored Ryan in favor of the last friend she’d yet to check on. “Tenenbaum, are you alright?”

The doctor only chuckled, waving away her concern. “Liebling, I am fine.”

“Jack,” Ryan interrupted almost fondly. “I should have known that a son of mine would not be contained by the likes of Fontaine.”

“I didn’t do it alone. I couldn’t have,” he amended, gesturing to the them.

“Booker?!” Sullivan’s distinct accent cut through the gathering, and Elizabeth looked his way just in time to see him reaching for his holster. “You got two seconds to clear this up.”


What do you want to do, Elizabeth / Tenenbaum?

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