BioQuest: Parting Thoughts

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Sullivan’s arrival and reach for his weapon set everything on its head all over again. Jack tensed, moving instinctively to a combative stance, and Tenenbaum reached for her own gun in return.

Diane went to calm down the recovered sisters, since most of them were already picking up scalpels already– and they could be deadly with those. There was no stopping Tenenbaum, but Elizabeth stood between Sullivan and Jack, calling to Booker at the same time. “Booker, please,” she asked, and he delivered.

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“It’s alright, Sullivan. Tensions were running high between Ryan and Miss McClintock here,” he explained in what was only partially deceitful to cover up the entire messy story where Ryan tried to kill Jasmine (and the reasons why by extension).

Elizabeth knew he was doing it to protect Jack’s identity from Sullivan and the public, but it made her stomach twist to think they were covering Ryan’s attempt on an innocent woman’s life. Fontaine had deceived her into giving up her child. That– hit close to home.

“And it didn’t seem right to restrain the lady. It’s not as if I could send him out on these streets alone either,” Booker finished. He and Sullivan stared at one another tensely and yet– the director of Rapture’s security moved his hand away from his holster and crossed his arms instead.


“Is that the case, Mr. Ryan?”

Andrew laughed drily, turning to look at Sullivan. “I’m… Afraid so.” Bound by the laws of his own city, Andrew couldn’t tell the truth of what happened here any more than they could. He’d be arrested for his intentions and possibly even killed. Who knows what would come of the city then?

“I’ll just get him to his feet now,” Booker talked to Sullivan, reaching a hand out to Ryan. “And hopefully they’ve both learned their lesson.”

“Wait,” Jack interrupted and all eyes landed on him. “I want to talk to him first.”

What do you want to do, Elizabeth / Tenenbaum?

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