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With the difficult times (but smart move) of the quarantine to help flatten the curve, I knew I wanted to do my part. Stay at home, sure, but what else? This was a rare opportunity to create even more content than usual at a time when everyone was going to need something inexpensive and entertaining to get them through being at home for way longer than anyone expected to be.

And I was met with a warm, supportive community that has been as grateful for my fanfiction as they are attentive to my well-being (you guys catch on quick when I stay up too late to write).

Unexpectedly, you went one step further to support my work with actual, real life money. Let me tell you, this is the dream. As I got my degree, I was regularly lectured about how impractical creative writing was in the obligatory “well, what are you going to do with that?” conversation.

And smack dab in the middle of a crisis, I got my answer: find a community and after a long, long time, get paid for my work. Thank you so much for helping me reach this point for my original fiction—the best is yet to come!

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