Hawke: AB 2019

Anime Boston 2019: Dragon Age

Though I’m late uploading these, it was a blast to meet up with other DA fans at AB 2019. LyricalVillain took photos and arrived as the Warden. Isabela was samspics118, Modern Hawke was rivafoss, Garrett Hawke was cat101495. and Fenris was mentalbravery.

The shirt I’m wearing as casual Hawke can be purchased on Redbubble and was designed by samspics118.

Granite State: RWBY

I’m late, but here’s my RWBY pictures from Granite State Comic Con 2018! Velvet is Taki118 and I’m Coco. Nora is Riva and Cook Ren is CJ.

See yourself or a friend? Contact me at jamblute@gmail.com to credit them!

Bonus Casual CFVY Girls’ Day: