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This is a choose your own fanfiction text adventure where you, the readers, can decide how Tenenbaum or Elizabeth react to story events. They are on a mission with Booker in tow to save Jack Ryan from Fontaine as well as rescue all the remaining Little Sisters.

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Story Premise:

Through a tear, Booker and Elizabeth arrived in Tenenbaum’s sanctuary in Olympus Heights of Rapture just as she saved the first Little Sisters in September 1958. They learned about her and Jack Ryan from Fink’s notes on Suchong’s experiments. In exchange for her help saving Jack, they offered their assistance with rescuing the rest of the Little Sisters.

Tenenbaum knew Fontaine was going to plan his death in the coming days, and Ryan believed he had Fontaine cornered by shutting down access to Port Neptune (where Jack was to be smuggled out). With Tenenbaum’s knowledge of the tunnels in Rapture, they reached Port Neptune where Fontaine himself had arrived to send Jack off.

Jack reaches Tenenbaum safely and Booker tells them to run. When they return without Booker, it’s Jack who tells Elizabeth that Booker stayed behind. Upon hearing this, Elizabeth decides to find Booker herself, but she’s intercepted by Sander Cohen. He redirected the Bathysphere she was in to Fort Frolic, where he asked her to sing at his side. Just as she agreed and stepped into the unstable artist’s territory, Sullivan and Booker were waiting for her.

Although Booker made a deal with Sullivan to get them out of there before Ryan came to sort Cohen out, Elizabeth chose to keep her word for Cohen. In that moment, Ryan contacted Sullivan to say Fontaine had surfaced to commit smuggling out on the docks.

Elizabeth went with Booker and Sullivan to fight against him in Fontaine’s Fisheries, but she remembered that Tenenbaum said he would fake his death… The man they would kill tonight wasn’t Fontaine, and it was possible he didn’t even know he was set up to be killed.

She contacted Ryan with the radio from the Bathysphere, giving her name as “Anna” when he demanded to know who she was. When she revealed that this man wasn’t Fontaine and tried to persuade Ryan to call Sullivan off, he accused her of having ties with Fontaine if she knew so much. Calling her “Ms. Culpepper”, he warned her that all parasites have the same fate.

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