You Will Live | FE3H Fanfic

Ferdinand fighting Hubert in Enbarr

Warning: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Spoilers

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The Professor sided with Dimitri, taking most of the student body with her (even Black Eagles). Her Majesty’s chances of success were severely reduced as a result, but of course Hubert remained. And when the enemy charged Enbarr with all their might, Hubert stood as the last line of defense before the castle. He planned to die there for Her Majesty. But what happens when some of the former Black Eagles band together to save him against his will? What does a devoted servant do when he’s outlived his Emperor?

Resolving the loose ends that Her Majesty left behind will only carry Hubert so far. But finding a new purpose, even to fulfill her final wish, will not come easily. Particularly when Hubert himself isn’t certain what he wants for his own future when he’d expected not to have one. Even a wicked shadow needs something to follow, and friends both new and old could lead Hubert to find his place in this new unified Fódlan led by King Dimitri—if only he would let them.

  • Chapter 1: Assault on Enbarr
    • Hubert stands at the gates of Enbarr, determined to lay down his life for Her Majesty’s victory. But that plan is shattered when Linhardt and other former Black Eagle students band together to save his life while Edelgard falls to Dimitri in battle.
  • Chapter 2: It Makes Me Wonder
    • Enbarr has been seized by enemy forces, and Hubert restlessly plans for how he can persuade them to include him in their fight against Those Who Slither in the Dark (or even get the chance to mention his findings to someone with enough power to make that decision). Ferdinand and Caspar stand guard over him as a prisoner, but none of them seem able to resist falling into their old rhythm. If only in part.
  • Chapter 3: Rhea Rescued
    • Hubert leads the Church supporters and Byleth to find Rhea, and despite the emotional nature of the reunion, Byleth does agree to call a meeting with King Dimitri so Hubert may make his case.
  • Chapter 4: Negotiations
    • The professor had summoned the leadership for the Kingdom, the Alliance, and the Church of Seiros to hear what Hubert had to say about Those Who Slither in the Dark. With the pressure of seeing the last mission for Her Majesty through and barely contained grief at the edges of his mind, Hubert prepares to persuade his captors that he will be invaluable to their success against the Agarthans and their allies.
  • Chapter 5: You Will Not Be Alone
    • Hubert is going through a few stages of grief all at once and on his own, but Ferdinand is as persistent and supportive as always.
  • Chapter 6: Both Stained, Both Monsters
    • Hubert cannot sleep, so he resolves to at least get started on the day ahead. As it turns out, he is not the only one with difficulty finding rest.
  • Chapter 7: To Ashes
    • The time has come to escort Her Majesty to the crematorium, and Hubert would never permit that to occur without him. Naturally, this is a greater task than he originally perceived it to be.
  • Chapter 8: The Vote
    • In the aftermath of the attempt on Hubert’s life, his new allies debate whether he’s an asset or a liability in the battle against the Agarthans. Hubert doesn’t particularly care what they decide because he’s going regardless.