BioQuest: Aftermath

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“Booker, wait,” she pleaded, catching up to him and holding him back with a hand on his shoulder. “You need to rest, please… Just let Jack take you home.”

With faint footsteps, Jack came up beside her and nodded once. He seemed lost in thought, but there would be time to talk to him later. First, they had to get Booker to safety. And who knew what state Jack himself may be in? The VitaChamber had never been tested before tonight… She played with the end of her pinky, looking away from Jack.

There will be time.

“I’m fine,” Booker muttered, unconvincing. He took shallow breaths and honestly, she doubted that she was the only thing keeping him from going on ahead.

“It’s alright to not be fine, Booker,” Jack reassured him, keeping his gaze on Booker now. “You remember what you told me? During guitar practice?”

“Yeah,” Booker rushed to answer. “And I’m in no grand hurry to talk about it.”

Jack breathed a laugh and Elizabeth traded places as he put Booker’s arm over his shoulder. “We don’t have to talk. I’ve got you.”

It was an odd picture to be sure, but lucky for them, neither man was on the tall side. She glanced to the gift box in her other hand, running her thumb over the corner. Jack watched her when she looked back up and he smiled.

“We can open it together when you come back.”


“We will,” she agreed, watching them shuffle ahead for a few moments before taking the fork towards the pavilion. They would be safe, she calmed herself. Both of them knew how to handle a fight.

Pulling herself up from the tunnel exit, Elizabeth came out into a closet with a turret set up inside– once the realization hit that it was off, she exhaled and stepped out into chaos.

Pained screams and groans filled the air, mixed with smoke, sterilizers, and sweat. Some people just waited in corners, legs pulled in tight, and muttered to themselves while they waited for someone to notice they were there. Others cried at the desk, demanding to see someone inside or be seen by a doctor…

Looking down at herself, Elizabeth had enough dirt on herself to pass as a patient and enough decorum to pass as a frazzled scientist. She threw her mask out from the ball and ran to the pavilion.

What do you want to do?

Search the Medical Pavilion labs with Elizabeth?

Help Booker and Jack with Tenenbaum?

– – –

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