Writer, panelist, cosplayer, gamer, and all around dork. To encourage more of this behavior, please support me on Ko-fi with a monthly membership or one-time tip.

To read my stories, visit my story index. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and let me know which stories you’ve read! I adore feedback, so I’m happy to chat.

Some of my cosplays are Coco Adel from RWBY, Demyx from Kingdom Hearts, fem Booker from BioShock Infinite, and Jasper from Steven Universe. See more cosplays here!

Check out those and other creative projects on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram! Lastly, I’ve hosted panels in New England conventions for a couple years now, and I’ve been playing games since I could read and hold a remote.

I analyze everything and I love it. Picking apart a character’s brainspace, comparing character reactions to the same events, the overarching social and personal representation of plot events and choices, and delightfully grey morality are my lifeblood. Read my geeky meta analysis.

I’ve been told I’m going to rule the world someday, win a Grammy, and that I’m a writer of intimidating promise. Also that I’m a really good cook and should start a comedy show. That should leave more questions than it answers, I think. Perfect.

To see more of my works, please support my work on Kofi. This website lets fans send one-time tips or make monthly payments in exchange for cool stuff. You’ll get exclusive bonuses based on your tier, and you’ll help me live another day to write more narratives.


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